Extreme IPTV World-Class IPTV


At Extreme Android TV we take great pride in offering our customers the best viewing experience and the best ease of use in the Android market. Our team of R&D technicians and programmers have spent the last 5 years developing and testing our software to ensure that we have the most currant and hassle free hardware and software in the market.

Are programmers start with with a completely empty box and program from scratch. Unlike our competitors we don't fill the box with useless programming or apps that only function for a short period of time. We also use a custom skin developed in house that will not slow your system down and unlike most systems our software updates automatically on start up. Don't be fooled by the many fly-by night imitators. 

Basic Programming

This is for the more advanced user that prefers to program the box on their own. We do not recommend or support this option but it is available.  The hardware will arrive with an Android OS with the latest version of Kodi. No add-ons, custom skin or automatic updates. 

Advanced Programming

In this option all custom add-on are added along with our custom skin and automatic updates. All of the hard work has been done. All the best firmware selection and custom developed media interface that has been optimized for your device. We've taken the time to bring you a TV box experience that has been refined to perfection and offered by no one else in the industry. Movies, TV, Music, Live Sports... All at your fingertips. 

Advanced/Custom Programming

This option includes everything in the Advanced Programming and using our custom skin, we customize the software to your individual preferences. We use specially in house designed Apps to bring all your preferred viewing to the forefront. This feature makes everything extremely easy to use and find. You tell us what you want.